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Charters flights

Charters flights

Country Route Airline Website
Belgium Brussels Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Denmark Aalborg Danish Air Transport www.dat.dk
Denmark Aalborg Jet Time www.jet-time.dk
Denmark Aarhus Danish Air Transport www.dat.dk
Denmark Billund Primera Air www.primeraair.com
Denmark Copenhagen Jet Time www.jet-time.dk
Denmark Copenhagen Thomas Cook www.thomascookairlines.com
Denmark Copenhagen TUI www.tuifly.com
Finland Helsinki Jet Time www.jet-time.dk
Finland Helsinki Thomas Cook www.thomascookairlines.com
France Bergerac Volotea www.volotea.com
France Brest Volotea www.volotea.com
France Cherbourg Volotea www.volotea.com
France Clermont-Ferrand Volotea www.volotea.com
France Deauville Volotea www.volotea.com
France Dole Volotea www.volotea.com
France Epinal Volotea www.volotea.com
France Lille Volotea www.volotea.com
France Limoges Volotea www.volotea.com
France Lyon Enter Air www.enterair.pl
France Lyon Travel Service www.travelservice.aero
France Metz, Nancy Volotea www.volotea.com
France Nantes Enter Air www.enterair.pl
France Nantes Volotea www.volotea.com
France Paris – Charles deGaulle Enter Air www.enterair.pl
France Paris – Charles deGaulle Small Planet Airlines www.smallplanet.aero
France Paris – Charles deGaulle Small Planet Airlines www.smallplanet.aero
France Paris – Charles deGaulle Travel Service www.travelservice.aero
France Paris – Orly transavia.com www.transavia.com
France Poitiers Volotea www.volotea.com
Germany Dresden Germania www.flygermania.de
Germany Rostok-Laage Germania www.flygermania.de
Iceland Reykjavik Primera Air www.primeraair.com
Latvia Riga SmartLynx Airlines Estonia www.greitai.lt
Lithuania Vilnius Small Planet Airlines www.smallplanet.aero
Netherlands Amsterdam TUI www.tuifly.com
Norway Bergen SAS Scandinavian www.flysas.com
Norway Oslo Primera Air www.primeraair.com
Poland Katowice Travel Service www.travelservice.aero
Poland Posnan Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Poland Warsaw Travel Service www.travelservice.aero
Poland Wroclaw Travel Service www.travelservice.aero
Portugal Lisbon Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Spain Barcelona Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Spain Bilbao Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Spain Madrid Enter Air www.enterair.pl
Sweden Gothemburg Jet Time www.jet-time.dk
Sweden Gothemburg Primera Air www.primeraair.com
Sweden Stockholm Nova Airlines www.wegoresa.se
Sweden Stockholm SAS Scandinavian www.flysas.com
Sweden Stockholm TUI www.tuifly.com
Switzerland Basel Enter Air www.enterair.pl
United Kingdom Birmingham TUI www.tuifly.com
United Kingdom Jersey Germania www.flygermania.de
United Kingdom Jersey Small Planet Airlines www.smallplanet.aero
United Kingdom London – Gatwick TUI www.tuifly.com
United Kingdom London – Luton TUI www.tuifly.com
United Kingdom Manchester TUI www.tuifly.com
United Kingdom Nottingham East Midlands TUI www.tuifly.com

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