Madeira has many fantastic places, some of which will be forever inaccessible and perhaps unknown. On the one hand, thankfully! Mother Nature must maintain its capacity for self-renewal and preservation.

The hiking trail is located on the ridge of Ponta Delgada, located on the northern part of the Island, right in the heart os Laurissilva Forest. The route is circular, travels the hilly terrain and brooks that run along the coast of Ribeira da Camisa, through a narrow trail, with a stop at the picturesque Poço das Pulgas’ waterfall.


You are completely immersed in Madeira’s jungle on the north coast and will pass along several waterfall and enchanting streams surrounded by lush greens.

Both accesses to the location have wet, slippery and exposed areas.
Please proceed with caution.
There are marks on the trees along the way.

You can make this hiking trail with a professional guide here