Madeira: Safe to Discover

Madeira is a pioneering destination in the fight against Covid-19. Ranked among the Safest Destinations in Europe on the basis of precise criteria such as the low number of Covid-19 cases (up to 80 times less than in the rest of Europe) but also effective health measures (tests, masks, social distancing, availability of sanitary gel).  Madeira has been able to combine safety and leisure to offer holidays with peace of mind for travellers seeking escape, discovery and relaxation.

Thanks to, travellers can easily and without any stress prepare their trip to Madeira. While masks are mandatory in markets, covered places and busy streets, it is not mandatory in your leisure activities, at the beach or during nature walks.  You can safely enjoy relaxed holidays in Madeira.

A few pictures are better than a long speech, discover on video how Madeira will welcome you for a holiday that combines safety and leisure.

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Visit Madeira Islands

Imagine a World Apart

Madeira is not only an island but eight exceptional islands rich in discoveries and precious memories. Some are wild and uninhabited, others are lined with beautiful golden beaches, all of them offering an incredible wildlife and flora.

Discover, in the softness of a subtropical climate throughout the year, landscapes of unusual diversity in one of the finest destinations in Europe. Welcome to an unforgettable destination, welcome to Madeira!

Full of trees and flowers, where summers are mild, and winters are soft, Madeira is a sunny place full of history and beauty. About 600 miles South West of Lisbon, millions of years ago a volcano erupted and from there emerged an island. That was Henry the Navigator’s first discovery, and because of its large variety of trees, he named it “Madeira” (Wood).

Our travel guide to Madeira Islands will show you the best things to doexperiences not to be missedsecret and surprising places. Discover our selection of hotels and restaurants and book your guided tours online.

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Best things to do in Madeira

The archipelago of Madeira is a perfect place for lovers of unique landscapes, unspoiled nature, adventure and gastronomy.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple with family or friends, our team has selected for you the best activities and things to see in Madeira. Discover the most beautiful views of the sea and the forest, the gardens not to be missed and the best guided tours around the island.

Book your flightsaccommodationtours and activities in Madeira

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