The Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers’ Market), which was designed by Edmundo Tavares (1892-1983), opened its doors on 24 November 1940. A testament to the architecture of the Estado Novo regime, the grandiose design of the building reflects its intended role as the main supplier of goods to the city.

Huge panels of tiles painted with regional themes by João Rodrigues and produced by Faiança Batisttini de Maria de Portugal in 1940 adorn the facade, the main entrance and the fish market. Inside, the space is organised into small “Plazas”, “Squares”, “Streets” and “Little Stairways”, where all types of products are sold.

Here you will find a feast of colours, sounds, smells and people.

On December 23 happens here the Night Market: throughout the night the Market and the streets around are overrun by people who sing and dance, eat and drink in a festive manner. During the day, around the market, regional fruits and vegetables are exposed impressively, and so may be made last minute shopping.