Visit the typical Ethnographic village

Madeira´s Christmas season presents you with multiple curiosities, like a typical village placed at Largo da Restauração, where visitors may discover and taste some of the season’s typical drinks such as poncha and home-made liquors, in addition to other Christmas delicacies such as the Madeira Honey Cake, the Bolo do Caco, (typical home-made bread), and also very tasty Sandes de Carne-vinho e alhos (sandwiches with chunks of pork marinated in wine and garlic).

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Feel the magic of Madeira’s Christmas Illuminations and decorations

One of the main highlights of Madeira Christmas celebrations, are its most singular and magnificent Christmas illuminations and decorations.

Funchal as well as other villages around the Island, is intricately decorated an ornamented with enchanted Christmas lights and decorations, scattered along the islands, many streets and buildings, turning the Madeira into a whimsical wonderland setting filled with colour and fantasy.

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Partake in the traditional Childbirth Masses

One of Madeira’s most popular Christmas traditions are the emblematical Childbirth masses, a set of nine religious ceremonies (“novenas”), taking place in parishes all throughout the island, between December, 16th and Christmas Eve, at the early dawn. After the mass, parishioners gather in churchyards singing Christmas carols, joined by traditional music groups playing string instruments, accordions and castanets. This very lively occasion invites people to enjoy the typical ” despiques” (rivalry songs), and also to taste some local home-made Christmas treats, such as the honey biscuits “broas” and cakes, in addition to the typical liquors.

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