Even before the twelve tolls sounded, Madeirans already had every reason to keep their eyes on high.

In fact, starting the fireworks show were four ‘shooting stars’ that tore the sky over Funchal bay.

They were actually the four Red Bull Skydive paratroopers who jumped from a Portuguese Air Force aircraft to fly over Madeira on the brightest night of the year.

The jump at an altitude of 8000 feet (about 2400 meters above the ground) lasted about three minutes, the first part being in free fall, followed by a formation flight, in which the acrobats soared in the air with the help of the their ‘wingsuits’.

As they prepared to land, cheers of celebration and congratulation echoed in the Funchal amphitheater for this surprising acrobatics, which marked the farewell of 2021 with a good dose of adrenaline.

On land, the athletes underlined the magic of the moment, having also recalled the added difficulties of this acrobatics in the Madeiran capital: “It was an unprecedented leap that represented an enormous challenge for all of us. Jumping at night increases the risk and the difficulties, but we studied all the procedures well and managed to fulfill the main objective, which was to provide a unique spectacle”, they said.

Remember that this moment of ‘shooting stars’ cost around 48 thousand euros.