Madeira has several places that you must visit, and only with car or a motorcycle you can visit them all with all the comfort you deserve.

Those who do not know well this island, have the persuasion that it is small and even flat, but when you arrive you realize that it’s big considering the orography of Madeira, many climbs and few plains, even to move inside Funchal on foot it’s a challenge for the less athletic persons.

The best solution will always be to rent a motorcycle so that you can move comfortably and know all the treasures this island has to offer.

Image by soulintact

Visiting the north of Madeira will leave you concluding like you are on another island, the mountains are impressive for their natural beauty and the green is more prevalent, passing through São Vicente to Porto Moniz to dive in the most beautiful natural saltwater pool in the world is surely the best option for a memorable holiday that will bring you the most beautiful memories for a long time.

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