The English tomato or tamarillo is a fruit of a plant originally from the Andes. On Madeira Island we can find them everywhere, from an altitude of 300 meters on the north coast and an altitude of 400 meters on the south coast. The majority of production, however, is concentrated in small plantations in the […]

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Physalis is a tropical fruit originally from South America. Scientifically named Phisalys peruviana L., this is an invasive plant that grows spontaneously without the need for great care. The plant grows well especially on the south coast of Madeira Island. The fruit is round and has a sweet and sour taste. From the point of view […]

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Delicious Fruit

Monstera deliciosa is a fruit that should come with an instruction manual. Unripe fruits are chock full of oxalic acid, a substance that is used to bleach wood and clean rust off metal. Those who make the mistake of biting into an unripe monstera experience severe throat and skin irritation. However, when ripe, this monster of […]

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The mild climate observed throughout the year on the island and the fertile soils have greatly contributed to the establishment of grape cultivation on the island and for the purpose of wine production. Madeira Wine has played an important role in the island’s economy over the years, becoming a popular and quality product all over […]

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The “tabaibo” is the fruit of the “tabaibeira”. A plant of the cacti family composed of fleshy and flattened segments. It grows on the slopes spontaneously and does not imply any kind of cultivation.The tabaibo has an oval shape and is covered by a thick bark, full of peaks. The seeds are edible. It is […]

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