Madeira Unmissable Suggestions

There are even more unmissable reasons to take the next flight and discover Madeira with its thousand charms. A Region rich in nature, culture and gastronomy, with more to surprise than the most traditional places, the most usual experiences or the most popular gastronomy. Discover the suggestions of places that highlight some must-see places, unforgettable […]

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Where to rent a Motorcycle or Scooter in Madeira?

Madeira has several places that you must visit, and only with car or a motorcycle you can visit them all with all the comfort you deserve. Those who do not know well this island, have the persuasion that it is small and even flat, but when you arrive you realize that it’s big considering the orography of Madeira, many […]

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Music Production Studio in Madeira with MAVOOI

Did you know that Madeira attracts more and more artists? This is Madeira Island found one of them and is a music producer Adam Zwiazek, who works in the music industry under the pseudonym MAVOOI. He moved his studio to Madeira in 2019 from Belgium, where he lived for 20 years. It’s the only production […]

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Why a Vaccine Passport to fly to Madeira?

Madeira has remained in the green zone throughout this pandemic thanks to effective health measures. Madeira is considered the safest destination in Europe. If you have been vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test in hand, this Paradise Island is for you. Combining safety & leisure, Madeira is the ideal choice for travellers looking for outdoor, nature, relaxation and wellness activities. The […]

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All 7 Cable Car Rides that will WOW every Traveller

Madeira Island with its rugged landscapes has over the years constructed a number of cable cars and scenic elevators. Many of them in quite hard to find locations – but we can reveal all the locations for you here on this article. Funchal – Monte Cable Car This journey offers magnificent panoramic views from Funchal […]

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