Carreiras de Monte or Carros de Cesto do Monte is one of the most popular activities in Madeira. You have to let yourself glide on a wicker sledge through the steep streets which link Monte with Funchal.

To enjoy this experience, you have to go up to Monte city, located at a considerable height, close of Funchal. Here you can wait for your turn, with the rest of the adventurous tourists, to go down towards the capital in a wicker basket, mounted over two wood shafts and a metal basis.

The sledges are run through the stone pavement and through steep streets by two guides, who wear boots with a thick rubber sole to stop the sledge and to avoid being knocked over.

Currently, descents are not made to Funchal, but the races end in Livramento neighbourhood, which means 2 kilometres of vertiginous descent.

For many visitors this experience is an unforgettable moment. If you are up to new experiences, do not hesitate to try!

Source: Portugal Travel