Madeira was discovered in 1419, after which its lands were rapidly cleared and its soil cultivated with wheat, vines and sugarcane. The history of Madeira Wine began at this point and was to closely accompany the development of the island over the centuries. Historical records show that 25 years after the beginning of colonisation, the island was already exporting Madeira Wine.

Its more than five centuries of existence tell the story of internationalisation covering the most diverse export routes, depending on international circumstances, during which, in addition to the exports to Europe, significant quantities were exported via routes destined for the Indies and Americas, between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the latter continues today. From the onset of the nineteenth century, the vast majority was exported to Europe (England, France and Scandinavian countries) and Japan. The high reputation and prestige of this Wine may also be confirmed by innumerable episodes, amongst which, the celebration of the independence of the United States of America in 1776, which was commemorated with a toast made with Madeira Wine!

Many great personalities, statesmen and mythical personalities were enchanted by this Wine, of whom George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are symbolic examples, both profoundly knowledgeable on Madeira Wine, as well as Winston Churchill who had the opportunity to get to know and enjoy this Wine during his visits to the island.

Text source by Vinho Madeira