Um Caminho Para Todos

 4.0 km – Round trip – Easy  1h  3.8 The thematic “A way for all” offers people with physical disabilities the possibility to enjoy direct contact with nature and in particular with pedestrianism. This Trail takes place along the footpath of the levada of Caldeirão Verde between the Queimadas and Pico das Pedras Forestry Parks, in the municipality of Santana. Along the trail […]

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Levada Do Rei

 9.7 km – Round trip – Easy  3-4h  4.4 Book this Levada. Check here In the northern part of the island, this route is linear but makes a return by the outward route. There are tunnels on this walk, for which a torch is essential. The first part of the trail follows the levada through an afforested area, but […]

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Caminho Do Pináculo E Folhadal

 17.2 km – Circular – Hard  4-7h  4.6 Book this Caminho. Check here This walk follows the levadas of Serra and Norte between the elevations of 1000m and 1600m. It offers lovely views of the São Vicente valley, and passes areas of high altitude vegetation as well as Laurissilva forest. Beginning at the regional highway E.R. 110 on the […]

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Levada Fajã Do Rodrigues

 8.1 km – Round trip –  Easy  3-4h  4.3 Book this Levada. Click here Tunnels are common along this levada walk, but the landscape in between is of the magnificent São Vicente valley.This trail begins at Ginjas in the municipality of São Vicente and follows the walkway beside the Fajã do Rodrigues levada or the Fajã da Ama […]

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Vereda Da Ribeira Da Janela

 22.8 km – Round trip – Hard  5-8h  4.3 This walk follows the course of an old footpath used by local people to bring wood from the forest. The general trend is downhill. This route links the settlement of Ribeira da Janela and the forested area above it, running at elevations between 820 and 400 metres. It begins at […]

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