From the historic point of view this is probably the most interesting town on the island, as Machico was the landing point of the discoverers of Madeira.

This peculiar corner of the island boasts Madeira’s oldest church, the ‘Capela dos Milagres’, and two forts still bear witness of the locals’ defence against the many pirate attacks on the village.

Machico has a wonderful beach and good facilities for both swimming and sunbathing.
This tranquil town boasts some excellent guesthouses and restaurants, and is a good starting point for a number of nice ‘levada’ walks.

The banks of Machico’s river are covered with lush vegetation and spotted with whitewashed houses. Apart from the parochial church, there is the small chapel of São Roque on the quay, built in the 16th century, with an interesting exhibition of blue and white tiles telling about the saint’s life.

The municipality of Machico, which comprises five parishes (Água de Pena, Caniçal, Machico, Porto da Cruz and Santo António da Serra), lives from agriculture and fishing. The fishing harbours are located in Machico and Caniçal, where the fishing fleet’s catch consists mainly of tuna and ‘gaiado’ (regional fish to be dried).

Text source by: Madeira Web