After the Madeira wine, “poncha” is the most popular drink on the Island. This regional drink is made with rum obtained by fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. During a visit to Madeira, you can try this drink. You can surely find it in bars and restaurants scattered […]

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Madeira Wine / Vinho Madeira

?? Madeira Wine history begins shortly after the discovery of Madeira island, as there are historical records that prove that 25 years after the beginning of its colonisation, Madeira Wine was already being exported. This ‘nectar of the Gods’, which is one of the symbols of Madeira Island, is enjoyed all over the world. Chosen […]

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House Bread / Pão de Casa

?? Madeira’s House Bread is distinguished from other varieties of homemade bread made in Portugal by incorporating sweet potato, a widely used food in Madeira.House Bread, traditional in Madeira, incorporates sweet potato, one of Madeira’s main crops. The ingredients required for its production are wheat flour, sweet potato, yeast, warm water and salt. In Madeira […]

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Sugar Cane Molasses / Mel de Cana

?? Made from sugar cane, treacle is used in the most diverse food delicacies of Madeira.The origins of Madeira’s treacle date back to the heyday of sugar production on the archipelago, witnessing its History. As the Portugese name “mel de cana” [cane honey] implies, this product comes from the sugar cane that is introduced in […]

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Honey Cake / Bolo de Mel

?? The Honey Cake is one of Madeira’s most traditional food dishes. It is made with treacle and is particular in that is has a long shelf life.The Honey Cake of Madeira is traditionally linked to Christmas. It is customary to prepare it on December 8th, the day of Our Lady of the Conception, in […]

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