Madeira has received, on multiple occasions, the World Travel Awards as World’s Leading Island Destination, but is it the ideal destination for a family holidays?

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Madeira is Safe

Safety is an imperative rule when enjoying a family holiday. Portugal is ranked third as one of the safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index, and official statistics place Madeira as one of the safest locations in the country.

Madeira has mild weather all year round.

The average temperature in the winter is 18 ºC, and in the summer 25 ºC. There are many microclimates, including summer days during the Winter!

Travelling in family, especially with babies, is a real logistical challenge in regards to luggage. One of the advantages of choosing Madeira is to simplify it all, as it is not necessary to carry many warm clothes, which take up lots of suitcase space.

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Enjoy the beach and mountain climb on the same day.

The main Madeira Island is about 57 km long and 23 km wide. The Porto Santo Island is nearly 11,4 km long and 6 km wide. Everything is fairly close, without being required to spend several hours on the car or transportation. However, make no mistake, there is plenty to see and do! The possibility of living different experiences on the same day is quite appealing for a family holidays, don’t you agree? That way you can make the most of your holidays, satisfying the wishes and dreams of all family members.

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Madeira offers multiple activities for families.

Walks in the Laurel Florest (Floresta Laurissilva), the traditional wicker basket sledges, the volcanic caves, the cable cars, the gardens…the dolphins and whales watching trips, the natural swimming pools, the Scuba Diving, surfing, swimming and snorkelling…the Jeep Tours, birdwatching, canyoning, and also the possibility of practising sports such as golf – in short, a beautiful collection of memories, regardless of ages and preferences.

Accessible activities for all, that will provide wonderful family moments and that will be stored forever in your memories.

Porto Santo has the best sand dune beach in Portugal

The Porto Santo Island is located 20 minutes away, by airplane (or 2h30 by ship), of Madeira Island. In the context of the “7 Wonders – Beaches of Portugal” competition, this magnificent beach, with nearly 9 km long, was chosen as the best sand dune beach of the country. The quietness of the Island, the pleasant temperature of its crystal-clear waters, and the fine and soft sand make it ideal for playing with your children. It guarantees plenty of fun. However, this “golden island” is not just about beach and relax – take a look at other family activities to do in Porto Santo.

Madeira hosts many events

The Island hosts over 80 events scattered throughout the year: festivals involving food, music, sports, fireworks…and let’s not forget the more popular tourist events – Carnival, Flower Party, Wine Party, Christmas and New Years Eve. Events are constant, with festivities suitable for all ages and preferences, and which may entertain the whole family. Get to know our events calendar, bring your family and come celebrate with us ?

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Without a doubt…Madeira is a destination that will satisfy the entire family, with plenty of activities to do and experiences to live! Visit Madeira and Porto Santo and enjoy your best family holidays and see also the Top Activities with Kids in Madeira!!

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