Rabaçal or Caldeirão Verde are some of the must-see places to visit for nature lovers. Levadas, Veredas, Caminhos Reais . Along these channels you will always find paths, sometimes as wide as small streets, others so narrow that only the most resistant to vertigo will risk passing.  But along these trails you will find hidden […]

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Boat Trips

If you take a boat trip on the seas that surround the archipelago (Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens), you are very likely to encounter dolphins, whales, turtles and/or sea lions, and there are already designated feeding areas. There are about twenty different species of whales, including one of the largest whales in the world […]

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Legs Eleven Coffee Co.

Hailed as serving some of the best coffee on the island, Legs Eleven is known for its high-quality coffee and a relaxed vibe. It provides a very cozy environment, just perfect for a latte or some biscuits, or even both at the same time. Useful Information Address: Rua Das Pretas 86, Funchal, Madeira Phone: +351 926 613 […]

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Pastelaria Ravioli

If you want to snack like a local, then this is the place to go. With great value for money, Pastelaria Ravioli is the right joint to experience the authentic Portuguese coffee and snack culture. Useful Information Address: Rua Velha Ajuda 14, Edificio Colinas Do Lido, Funchal, Madeira Opening hours: Sun–Sat 6am–9pm Phone: +351 291 764 004

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Magic Tea House

If having a drink with a marvellous is your cup of tea, Magic Tea House is certainly a place you cannot miss. With many tea varieties and tea rooms, it will feel like a relaxing spiritual experience. Useful Information Address: Rua da Ponta da Cruz 23, Funchal, Madeira Opening hours: Sun–Sat 10am–6pm

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