Santa Cruz

It is in this county on the east coast, situated about 18 km from the capital, that the Madeira International Airport is located. Throughout several cultural exhibitions that display works by regional artists and others take place at Casa da Cultura de Santa Cruz (Culture House). In addition to Santa Cruz, Camacha, Caniço, Gaula and […]

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Ribeira Brava

Located on the south coast of the island, the municipality of Ribeira Brava has an area of approximately 65.10 km2 with about 12,500 inhabitants. Ribeira Brava became a town in 1928. Its main economic activity is agriculture; from the cultivation of land comes sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables, some cereal, fruit and wine. The Church of […]

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With an area measuring roughly 116 km2 (corresponding to about 15% of the Island), Calheta is the largest municipality on the Archipelago. Situated on the far south western part of the Island, it was among the first regions to be populated. There are 8 civil parishes with a current population of about 11,521 inhabitants (Censos […]

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The name of this parish originates from a small chapel dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Prazeres’. Blessed by Mother Nature with an amazing beauty, this village is without any doubt one of the most picturesque of the island! This small village also offers the delights of a parish run zoo, herb garden and tea house. […]

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Ponta do Sol

Situated on the south coast of the island, Ponta do Sol is currently the county seat, and has about 8,200 inhabitants in its area of 43.3 km2. This is considered the hottest municipality of the island; it is also here where the sun shines for more hours. Economic activity is based on the primary sector, […]

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