6.8 km – Round trip – Easy  1-2h  4.4

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The route begins near the regional road (ER105), at the Rabaçal area, and goes along the Levada do Alecrim or Levada Paul I, located 1300 meters high, until the spring of the levada, at the Ribeira do Lajeado (Lajeado Creek).

The Levada do Alecrim was built in order to receive and transport the water from the Lajeado and Alecrim creeks for the supply of the Calheta Hydroelectric Station.

At this height, you shall notice the predominance of heath, where the Erica arborea, the Erica scoparia ssp maderensis and the whortleberry (Vaccinium padifolium) species stand out. However, as you move towards the spring, the presence of other species become notorious and you may frequently find several endemism such as the Madeiran orchid (Dactyhorhiza foliosa) and the milk thistle (Sonchus fruticosus).

Along the way, you can enjoy the outstanding views over the Rabaçal valley and the Ribeira da Janela (Janela Creek), dominated by the characteristic green of the Laurel Forest, classified as Natural World Heritage by UNESCO since December 1999 and part of the European Network of Nature Protection Areas – Natura 2000 Network.
Between the Alecrim and Lajeado creeks, the levada has a slope and lateral stairway, therefore we advise you to climb calmly.

As you arrive to the spring of Levada do Alecrim, at the Ribeira do Lajeado, don’t forget to appreciate the landscape surrounding the small lagoon, best known as Lagoa “Dona Beja”, which shall feed the waterfall of Lagoa do Vento (Wind Pond).

With recharged energies, the return is made through the same route, to the regional road (ER105). Alternatively, and after a 900 meters walk from the Lagoa “Dona Beja”, you may descend, on the right, towards the House of Rabaçal, following the PR 6.3 Vereda da Lagoa do Vento (Wind Pond Path).

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