10.0 km – Point to point – Moderate  3-4h  4.2

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This trail starts near the E.R. 209 on the Paul da Serra plateau and ends near the Forest Police Station in Fanal. This trail connects to other paths, allowing access to the Ribeira da Janela parish through the trails PR 14 Levada dos Cedros e PR 15 Vereda da Ribeira da Janela.

This trail is included in an area of Laurissilva forest, classified as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, since December 1999 and member of the European Network of Sites of Community lmportance – Nature 2000. ln the area know as ‘:Fio’, the visitor can appreciate what is left of an ingenious apparatus of steel cables which stretch down-hill to the parish of Chão da Ribeira.

This apparatus was used in the past to carry wood and shrubs collected in Fanal forest, down to Chão da Ribeira, where used in farming activities by the local and Seixal inhabitants.

Enjoy the magnificent area of Fanal, a small volcanic crater classified as a resting reserve ót tne Parque Natural of Madeira, to get a good dose of relaxation therapy. The beauty of this area lies not only ¡n the forest of grand centenary Ocofea foefens trees (Til), most of which are previous to the discovery of Madeira, but also in the spectacular landscapes that several sightseeing spots offer.

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