Is it a bird or is it a plant? These long-lived flowers look like exotic birds of paradise. É um pássaro ou é uma planta? Essas flores de vida longa parecem pássaros exóticos do paraíso.

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The blue-and-white globe shaped blossoms of the Lily of the Nile line Madeira’s roadside banks in the summer. O globo azul e branco em forma de flores da linha Lily of the Nile, na margem da estrada da Madeira, no verão.

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Manhãs de Páscoa

These festive plants bloom right on cue for Christmas; note that the showy scarlet part is actually the bract. Estas plantas festivas florescem no Natal; note que a parte escarlate vistosa é na verdade a bráctea.

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“lady slipper” (orchid) / Sapatinho

?? One of the most traditional Madeiran Christmas flowers is the ” Lady Slipper” orchid, which blooms from December to January.Commoly designated ” Lady Slipper” orchid (Paphiopedilum insigne), this flower originating from the Himalaya, growing between 1000 up to 2000 meters, is one of the most traditional flowers of the Christmas season in Madeira. It is a […]

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?? The protea is a very common flower in Madeira, delighting tourists and residents. Here you can find different varieties of this flower species.Proteas cultivation in Madeira island began in the early 1970s. The Protea cybaroides, the Protea compacta, the Protea nerüfolia and the Leucospermum cordifolium were sown with seeds from South Africa. Despite being far from the areas […]

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