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Since: Jul 2021 - ( 2 years 9 months )


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Author's descriptionThe ocean that saw many Madeiran’s leave their homeland, navigating to distant shores, also saw the sons of the Island return with the desire of setting down anchor. Our founding partner – adventurer and visionary, overcame the first stormy seas of VMT Madeira after re-discovering the North and leaving the South of Africa behind.

His passion for sea life, natural wildlife and adventure resulted in a marine dream with his feet firmly planted on the ground, and after more than a decade of activity, with other partners, boats and a variety of excursions, we are proud to say that we have already transported more than 200 000 passengers.

Looking to the horizon, the sustainability, as much environmental as financial, is one of the principal pillars of this family-run company with about 25 qualified professionals and including a handful of collaborators during the so-called high season. Our biggest ambition of course, is to

continue to offer memorable experiences to the average 60 000 clients that visit us every year.

Welcome aboard!

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