A Festa – Christmastime in Madeira

Here in Madeira we don’t call Christmas Christmas, we call it A Festa, The Party, with capital letters!  It is a long and warm celebration of what unites us: family, music, the landscape, memories and of course, food.  Between the beginning of December and the Sweeping of the Cupboards, which is celebrated on January 15th […]

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New Year Celebrations

During the Christmas season, Funchal Bay’s amphitheatre is transformed into a giant festive scene illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights. When New Year’s Eve arrives, the city’s skies are filled with fireworks launched from over 50 different points, a dazzling start to the upcoming year.

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Columbus Festival

n September, Vila Baleira honours Christopher Columbus, who once lived in the archipelago. The festival commemorates the discoverer’s presence in the Madeira Islands and his voyages to the Americas with performances that recreate the atmosphere in the time of the Portuguese explorers.

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Wine Festival

This folk festival is held in early September, when the grape harvest begins. In Funchal and Estreito de Câmara de Lobos this occasion is celebrated with decorations, music and dancing. It will be hard to refuse a glass of one of the many wines flowing in celebration.

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Atlantic Festival

Taking place in June, the Atlantic Festival marks the beginning of the summer season in Madeira. Classical music concerts, fireworks and street performances make this the epitome of Madeira’s summer nightlife.

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