How much does it cost to live in Madeira?

There are many reasons why Madeira is considered one of the best places in the world to live or retire in. The extremely affordable cost of living is just one of them… If you’re thinking of living in a foreign country, the first thing you should ask yourself is, what lifestyle do you want to […]

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The Impressive and Wonderful Gastronomy of Madeira made for You

The simple cuisine of the Madeira Archipelago portrays the soul of a simple, yet generous people.  Here, the cuisine excels in the traditional and the modern, in a creative subtlety between the various high quality regional products, which enables a diversified menu of gastronomic specialities to be prepared, from regional dishes through to international and gourmet cuisine. Right in the Atlantic, […]

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Why the Delicious Pastel de Nata is a Little Piece of heaven?

More than a national symbol, the famous Portuguese custard tart “Pastel de Nata” is a little piece of heaven… The history of the Pastel de Nata starts with the first “pastéis de Belém” Like many other traditional pastries in Portugal, the history of the Pastel de Nata goes back centuries, its origin directly related to […]

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Madeira’s Wine

A visit to Madeira is not complete without tasting the famous Madeira’s wine: whoever has tasted it knows well what we are talking about… It results from the fruit of the region’s vineyards, delicately cultivated by hand, in small poios lands (terraced landscapes), either in the mountains or by the sea. It is a liqueur wine (alcohol […]

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Top 6 Stunning Things to do in the Lovely Madeira

Though an island, we’re not talking about beaches: rather, the utterly gob-smacking viewpoints everywhere you turn; dramatic cliffs as tall as skyscrapers; and banana- and vineyard-strewn terraces that envelop the hillsides like gravity-defying labyrinths of sustenance. In other words, Madeira doesn’t dabble in subtlety. Here are some stunning ways to take it all in. Marvelling at […]

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