The Most Delightful Fruits of Madeira that you Must Try

Madeira is known for its delicious and exotic fruits. Thanks to the subtropical climate and fertile soil of the island, the fruits of Madeira are so many, that fill tables and regional markets with colour and flavour. Fruit is used creatively, whether in typical Madeira dishes, in salads (avocado), ice cream (Surinam cherry or cactus figs), […]

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The Fantastic Food and Amazing Drinks of Madeira that You should Try

Holidaymakers have long flocked to Madeira for the island’s laid back lifestyle, plentiful resorts and grand craggy cliffs. But perhaps the most unsung attraction is the unique gastronomy entwined in Madeiran culture. It would seem there’s nothing like a stiff sea breeze and an open mind to stoke some culinary creativity. Poncha Poncha is Madeira’s […]

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