Top 6 Stunning Things to do in the Lovely Madeira

Though an island, we’re not talking about beaches: rather, the utterly gob-smacking viewpoints everywhere you turn; dramatic cliffs as tall as skyscrapers; and banana- and vineyard-strewn terraces that envelop the hillsides like gravity-defying labyrinths of sustenance. In other words, Madeira doesn’t dabble in subtlety. Here are some stunning ways to take it all in. Marvelling at […]

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The Fantastic Food and Amazing Drinks of Madeira that You should Try

Holidaymakers have long flocked to Madeira for the island’s laid back lifestyle, plentiful resorts and grand craggy cliffs. But perhaps the most unsung attraction is the unique gastronomy entwined in Madeiran culture. It would seem there’s nothing like a stiff sea breeze and an open mind to stoke some culinary creativity. Poncha Poncha is Madeira’s […]

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After the Madeira wine, “poncha” is the most popular drink on the Island. This regional drink is made with rum obtained by fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. During a visit to Madeira, you can try this drink. You can surely find it in bars and restaurants scattered […]

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