Madeira Embroidery

The hand embroidery of Madeira is generally claimed to be one of the finest of its kind. Part of the history and culture of Madeira, its distinctive style is the result of the mix of many influences from all across Europe throughout the years, making it impossible to find such a unique handcraft anywhere else […]

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Forum Madeira

If filling your bags with new clothes is one of your vacation goals, then Forum Madeira is the place to go. With the most modern fashion stores, it will be difficult not to go over your bag’s capacity.

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Mercado dos Lavradores

This Farmers’ Market, inaugurated in 1940, still carries out the functions for which it was created. All sorts of local produce are sold, in a blend of colours, sounds, smells and visiting nationalities. Useful Information Address: Largo dos Lavradores, 9060 – 158 Phone: +351 291 214 080

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Madeira Wine

Madeira’s unique soil and climate make the production of an even more unique wine possible. Praised by Shakespeare in his plays and admired by monarchs, princes, generals and explorers, this nectar is definitely one of Madeira’s finest achievements. Multiple wineries offer guided tours and tastings (e.g. Blandy’s Wine Lodge, one of the island’s most reputable […]

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Madeira Shopping

Madeira’s weather is known for its unpredictability, but don’t let that put you out. Madeira Shopping is the perfect family destination for a rainy day. Once you enter this retail heaven you will find plenty of stores and sellers more than happy to assist you. Useful Information: Address: Caminho Santa Quiteria 45, Funchal, Madeira Opening hours: Sun–Thu […]

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