The mountain rescue team of the Madeira Volunteer Firefighters is currently at the trail of Pico do Areeiro, a classified pedestrian route that remains closed after the passage of depression Óscar through Madeira, to assist a 74-year-old foreign hiker who had an accident while hiking that trail leading to Pico Ruivo.

According to information obtained, the Madeira Volunteers, the team was on-site with two vehicles, including an ambulance, and four members. The victim, who was not far from the road, is suspected to have suffered a fracture in a lower limb and will be transported to Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.

This is the second accident to occur within a span of four days on that route, which has been closed since last Monday due to the severe weather that hit the region earlier in the past week. Last Friday, a 25-year-old woman was hit in the head by a rock while hiking on this trail and was assisted by the Volunteer Firefighters of Santana.

Despite all the signage in place indicating that the trail is closed, there are still many tourists who venture to hike on that path, even though they may face possible fines according to current legislation.

A fine for accessing a closed route can start from €4,000.