The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation informs that the classified pedestrian routes will be closed for safety reasons tomorrow, January 16, and as long as meteorological warnings (yellow and orange) for precipitation and wind issued by IPMA for RAM (Madeira Autonomous Region) prevail.

For safety reasons, we advise NOT TO TRAVEL in mountainous areas and forested areas while the issued alerts remain in effect.

After the end of the warnings, the classified pedestrian routes will be reopened, except for the following, which will remain closed:

PR 1 – Vereda do Areeiro
PR 4 – Levada do Barreiro
PR 7 – Levada do Moinho
PR 15 – Vereda da Ribeira da Janela
PR 16 – Levada Fajã do Rodrigues
PR 19 – Caminho real do Paul do Mar
PR 20 – Vereda do Jardim do Mar
PR 23 – Levada da Azenha
It is also emphasized to scrupulously follow the guidelines/recommendations of the competent authorities.