This morning, a male body was discovered in São Vicente, which appears to be that of the second French tourist who went missing along with his wife on March 16. According to DIÁRIO’s findings, the body was located about 20 meters from the woman’s body, which was found at the end of yesterday.

The body of the woman, Véronique Blond, as well as her husband’s, have been removed and transported to the road.

PSP Commissioner João Góis explained to DIÁRIO that the bodies were found in a hard-to-reach and steep area: “This area is very off the beaten path. The indication we have is that he might have fallen from an upper part of the path to this area.”

“The area is not easily accessible for us to work safely. To safely remove a body in that area, it’s necessary to have anchoring points, work on ropes, and ensure people are safe. With nightfall and the difficulties in the terrain, it became impractical,” the commissioner mentioned regarding the challenges in recovering the bodies.

He added that finding the second body wasn’t very difficult because there were broken reeds in the area, suggesting something had fallen. “When we removed the first body, which was still a somewhat time-consuming operation, we conducted a search and saw that there was a part, a second ravine, where there were some signs that someone had passed through there because there were broken reeds. This second body must have been thrown to a lower area than the first body.”