“The mystery of the three tourists who disappeared in Madeira for more than ten months” portrays the recent accidents that occurred on the island’s tracks

CNN Portugal published this Tuesday, February 8, a documentary about the three missing tourists on the island of Madeira in the last 10 months.

In almost 25 minutes, the drama of those who stayed to retrace the last steps of those who mysteriously disappeared in the forests of the Madeira archipelago is portrayed.

The documentary produced by TVI, signed by Paulo Bastos and Ricardo Ferreira, addresses the disappearance of Polish Michael Kozek, 35, who left for a ‘trail’ training on July 7 and never came back, by Frenchman Benoit Way, also 35 years old, last seen on 1 September and the German Jascha Hardenberg, 28 years old, who disappeared in the Rabaçal area without a trace.

The report has the testimony of the Regional Civil Protection Service and the PSP Search and Rescue Brigade of Madeira, which carried out training and rescue exercises on the trails of the Region to demonstrate how the searches for missing tourists and the assistance of victims of fall.

Most of the accidents that occur in Madeira’s Levadas are seen as the result of the “increasing audacity of tourists”. “For those who are not prepared, Madeira can be very dangerous. It is crucial to go with someone who can help us, witnesses if the worst happens”, recommends the CNN reporter. And one thing we always say, NEVER go alone to hike Levadas you should always go with a guide.