Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have left Madeira shortly after 10:30 am this Wednesday, with all indications pointing to his private jet heading to Dubai.

It appears that the Madeiran footballer will continue his holiday for a few more days before returning to Saudi Arabia, where his next official commitment is only in February.

The trip was shrouded in some secrecy, away from the spotlight, as is characteristic of each of his trips to Madeira. The private jet stayed on the tarmac for an extended period, undergoing the usual operations in these types of operations. It was mentioned that on Wednesday morning, Georgina posted on social media, indicating that she was heading to the airport.

The aircraft was attended by the crew, including three pilots. Cristiano Ronaldo and his family then arrived at an airport service bus, parked very close to the stairs, hindering the complete visibility of the movements.

The journey experienced some delay as, after the aircraft had already covered some distance, it made a stop, allegedly because one of the passengers had forgotten a document. After a few moments, a light vehicle delivered a document manually to the plane’s door, after which it closed, and the return journey began.