Rui Teixeira, Commander of the Maritime Zone of Madeira and the National Maritime Authority, revealed to JM that “the death of the tourist” can now be confirmed, dragged by a wave in Jardim do Mar and which was confirmed by the health delegate of Santa Cruz “.

The also Captain of the Port of Funchal revealed that the “Maritime Police are helping the family and friends” of the victim, and that they were at the scene of the tragedy. Rui Teixeira revealed that the body was detected in the “sea of ​​Calheta, having been rescued by the Portuguese Air Force helicopter and then “transported to Madeira Airport, where the health delegate “confirmed the death”. The corpse was then taken to the Legal Medicine Service of Hospital dr. Nelio Mendonca.
The search and rescue operations were coordinated by Rui Teixeira in the theater of operations, where the Portuguese Air Force, the Navy and the Port of Funchal, the Maritime Police, Madeira Operational Command and the Calheta Volunteer Firefighters were operational.
The Maritime Police took care of the incident.