A full occupancy is expected in hotels and local accommodations.

Madeira is once again filling up on the night that is one of the main tourist attractions of the destination. A full occupancy of 100% is expected for New Year’s Eve, according to the regional secretary of Tourism and Culture.

Eduardo Jesus reveals that in addition to the 60 thousand people expected on land, another 30 thousand will join in the celebration at sea, including crew members and passengers of the eight cruise ships that will adorn Funchal Bay on the night of December 31.

This is ‘the best way to close a year in which Madeira reached all possible highs in 200 years of tourism history, both in terms of occupancy and sector profitability.’ 2023 is marked as a year in which ‘Madeira grew significantly in quantity, but also grew significantly in value,’ clarifies the official, adding that ‘this is a very positive indicator.’

Eduardo Jesus emphasizes that ‘the Regional Government strongly committed to the leap that tourism sought to make,’ both in 2022 and 2023, a year in which the growth trajectory was consolidated. ‘There was very relevant public investment, accompanied by the private sector, and it was the combination of these actions that resulted in this success,’ he concludes.