The Great Madeira Route will be born, a pedestrian route with a length of 93 kilometres that will connect the municipalities of Machico and Porto Moniz, crossing all the municipalities of the island.

About 60% of the route will be made up of recommended routes, with 40% of which will be new trails that will link existing paths.

It will take between three and four days to walk, depending on the physical preparation of the hiker.

The project, which represents an investment of 400 thousand euros, will be inaugurated at the end of next year and will seek to “diversify the tourist offer in the recommended walking routes”, as explained Susana Prada, regional secretary for the Environment.

“It’s a different offer because it will force those who are going to spend the night in the mountains. For this, you can either do it by camping in the appropriate places, with permission, or you can do it in the mountain shelters”, she added.

One of the goals of creating the Great Madeira Route is also to increase supply and reduce the load on the most popular routes.