“Michal ,35 years old, went to Maderia with his wife and two small children last Tuesday. He went to train for Maderia Ultra Trail Run on Wednesday afternoon. He never returned since.

The rescue team have been looking for him for 4 days but they stopped now.

His family is still out there not loosing hope of finding him.

His brother is still looking for him.

Although the searches were suspended, the boy went to Maderia on the second day after his disappearance and he won’t stop until he find his brother.

This is somebody close to me, whole family is.

I am hoping that by raising the money I will take the financial worry and  this will help them to concentrate on searches after Michal.

We are still fighting for Michal!

I know that even little penny will help a lot if we can all come together.

For any help I will be very grateful.”

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