Lack of response capacity by the Russian Embassy in Lisbon makes it difficult to define the appeal operation today.

As with Ukrainian citizens stranded in the Region, the Regional Government of Madeira is also monitoring about Russian citizens who should have returned home today. This situation has now been postponed indefinitely as a result of the closure of airspace in Europe, including Portugal, a situation that made the plane that was destined for Madeira return to Moscow in the early afternoon to carry out the repatriation of Russian tourists who are a week ago in the Region.

“We were also surprised by the impossibility of the flight that came from Moscow to reach Madeira” began by admitting Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, an embarrassment that occurred due to “the various air spaces in Europe that are closing for Russian flights. and the consequence is this difficulty in the circulation of flights from that country”

The Madeiran official guarantees that he is monitoring the situation “together with the operator and the DMC (Destination Management Company)”, and reiterates that the government “will naturally do everything in its power to ensure that these people are welcomed and that they the best conditions for their return are created. This is our mission as a tourist destination, this is how we treat anyone, regardless of their country of origin”, he assures.

However, he criticizes the ‘silence’ of the Russian Embassy in Portugal on the possible alternative solution that is being prepared and still uncertain due to the inability of the embassy in Lisbon to respond.