The decision has just been announced and is to be fulfilled whenever it is impossible to maintain physical distance. Whoever fails is subject to fines

The Regional Government informs this afternoon that it has decided to increase the levels of prevention for COVID-19.

One of the measures announced concerns the mandatory use of masks in the street whenever it is not possible to maintain the recommended social distance. The decision will take effect until March 2022.

According to the determination released today, the Government decided to “adapt and regulate in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Law No. 88/2021, of 15 December, which establishes the transitory regime of mandatory use of masks for access, circulation or permanence in public spaces and streets”. This determination will be applied “whenever the physical distance recommended by the health authorities proves impractical”.

The same note adds that the average applies to people aged 10 or over, unless prescribed by a doctor. Non-compliance will be subject to fines.