Did you know that Madeira attracts more and more artists?

This is Madeira Island found one of them and is a music producer Adam Zwiazek, who works in the music industry under the pseudonym MAVOOI. He moved his studio to Madeira in 2019 from Belgium, where he lived for 20 years. It’s the only production studio on the island specialized in producing modern pop music.

The studio, located on the hills of Santa Cruz, is equipped with dozens of synthesizers and equipment, thanks to which the final material can easily compete with the best songs in the industry.

Adam collaborates with artists from all over the world. A large proportion of Adam’s clients are artists from his home country Poland, but more and more local artists are starting to use his services. In recent months, several TV stations from Poland have posted reportages and interviews with Adam after his successes as producer on the Polish market.

His productions can be heard on the biggest radio stations in many countries. You can check all his equipments here, and you can see some examples here.

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