The Regional Government asks citizens to use the S-Alerta Cidadão application ( for self-management of care and communication of symptoms.

Considering the current epidemiological situation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, as of 00:00 on 1 February 2022, the following rules apply:  


– All positive cases, regardless of age, undergo isolation for 5 days and are discharged at the end of the 5th day. On the 6th day, they resume their usual activity, without carrying out a COVID-19 test; 

– The Health Authority may determine a period of isolation of more than 5 days, depending on the clinical situation of the citizen.


– All contacts with a positive case, regardless of age, stop isolation; 

– Citizens from 18 years of age (inclusive) with 3 doses of the vaccine do not undergo isolation, nor test on the 5th day; 

– Citizens from 18 years of age (inclusive) who are not vaccinated or with incomplete vaccination, do not undergo isolation, but must perform a rapid antigen test on the 5th day after contact with the positive case. This test is free and will be made available, via the S-ALERT/CITIZEN application, by sending an sms with a code. The test can be carried out at one of the test stations in RAM.

– Professionals, residents or visitors, with 3 doses of the vaccine do not do isolation, in sensitive areas such as: Education, Homes and the Health sector, do not do isolation, or test on the 5th day; 


Airport, Ports and Marinas – Travelers will be required to provide the following documents: 

1- Complete vaccination certificate, with 3 doses of the vaccine;


2- Incomplete vaccination certificate (2 doses of vaccine) and certificate of recovered within 180 days  


3- Incomplete vaccination certificate (1 dose of vaccine) and certificate of recovery within 180 days


4- Certificate of recovery up to 180 days 


5-If no vaccination – A Negative rapid test done up to 48 hours before departure is required.

Note. End of testing at the Airport Screening Center and in Ports/Marines, maintaining the requirement for a vaccination/recovery certificate.


– Vaccination against COVID-19 is essential for a return increasingly closer to normality and, for this reason, we ask the entire population that is in conditions, to start or continue their vaccination schedule, from 5 years of age. age, according to international recommendations; 

– The 4th dose of the vaccine will be intended for people over 16 years of age with the following clinical situations: immunocompromised, oncological, dialyzed, transplanted; 

– Booster dose from 5 years of age (awaiting authorization from EMA); 


End of massive universal testing, moving to a strategy of Sentinel Surveillance, through testing of symptomatic and asymptomatic, in the community, by sampling. 

– End of massive weekly testing for the general population;  

– Testing will only be advised for citizens who show symptoms, with a high temperature, equal to or greater than 38ºc, regardless of vaccination status; 

– Implementation of the sentinel testing system for symptomatic people in sensitive areas, and for asymptomatic people in the community in general, testing 2% of the population; 

– Creation of the VeSentinel-RAM (Internal) platform for monitoring COVID-19 in RAM; 

– The other units in the health, social and other sectors are recommended to reinforce contingency plans and implement an adequate surveillance system, with regular sampling testing; 


End of access conditioned to the presentation of a weekly rapid antigen test, and the vaccination/recovery certificate is now required. The recommendation of wearing a mask, in open and closed spaces, the distance of 1.5 m and frequent hygiene of hands and surfaces is maintained. 

– Compliance with the following measures in all closed and open spaces (whenever we are not drinking or eating): wearing a mask; hand disinfection/hygiene; physical distance of 1.5m;  

–  Access to restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, sports, and other cultural, social and similar activities  upon presentation of the complete vaccination certificate (with 3 doses of the vaccine), after 14 days of evolution of the booster dose; 


– Recovery certificate up to 180 days 


– Rapid antigen test, with weekly validity, supported by the unvaccinated citizen or with incomplete vaccination;  

– In essential activities such as:  public services, supermarkets, public transport; pharmacies, markets, places of worship and health services , no tests or vaccination/recovered certificates are required; 

–  Citizens residing outside the European Union : Use of a sanitary pass for all citizens who come from countries outside the European Community, for access to all activities, during their stay in RAM;  

–  Citizens residing in the European Union,  use of the digital certificate to access all activities, during their stay in RAM;  


–  Newsletters  on the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 are now published monthly, through the Sentinela Surveillance bulletin (VeSentinel-RAM).  

–  Hospitalization Bulletin  with the number of hospital admissions, admissions to COVID-19 Units and COVID-19 Intensive Care Units, issued daily by SESARAM, EPERAM. 

The Regional Government asks citizens to use the S-Alerta Cidadão application ( ) for self-management of care and communication of symptoms.