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Since: May 2020 - ( 4 years 2 months )

  • Home Airport: Madeira / Funchal
  • Address: Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freit, Funchal, Portugal


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Author's descriptionGreen Devil Safari was created for the benefit of the traveller who wants to explore and mingle with locals, eager for unique and tailor-made experiences.
For those seeking excitement and inspiration, this program is for you.
Now the introduction… Madeira Island, with 743 Km2, of which only 1/3 of this area is inhabited land, as population are restricted almost solely to coastal… With a unique pre-historic forest, a true relic of ancient nature; with an average altitude of 1300 meters, rugged terrain, deep valleys, massive mountains, micro-climates, added to these: an impressive network of beaten tracks crossing dense forests, secular cobblestone paths almost seeming to extend into to oblivion, connecting villages where time stood still. It makes sense to travel in a 4x4 open top jeep with professional, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly guides, always in a good mood with smiley faces.
We, the drivers/guides want to take you to secret places which even locals seldom know; we love to see your reaction, your awed expression because we want you to return to Madeira and maybe bringing friends. Our goal is to make yourselves honorary Madeirans and pass on the love we have for this Island, and if we must, we will use poncha to reach our goal!

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