The Rabaçal trails will start being paid for from next year onwards. The base cost will be set at 2 euros and Madeirans will be exempt.

In addition to these, the Balcões trail, as it has already been made public, will also be taxed, in the same way as access to Pico do Areeiro, regardless of whether you walk the trail that connects to Pico Ruivo.

There will be discounts for groups or families.

The Ponta de São Lourenço trail will also see an increase in the tariff, which is currently one euro, and will be charged the same amount that will be applied in Rabaçal and Balcões.

The regional secretary for Agriculture and Environment highlighted the creation of new parking areas to alleviate pressure on the most popular tourist spots, with daily limits being considered, among other strategies to improve the visitor experience.

The governor pointed out the meetings that have been held with various partners, including the different ACIF boards of the Tourism sector.

The government wants to implement this in all Levadas as soon as possible.