To speak of Madeira is, of course, talking about romance. It is easy to fall in love on this Island when least expected. We fall in love with the landscape, the Atlantic, the sun, the flowers, the silence, the wine, the gastronomy and the people.

Want to explore some of the most passionate places and experiences to discover in Madeira?

Watching sunrise and sunset

Start the day in the best way and take inspiration from Pico Ruivo’s dream landscape.

There is no better view to contemplate the sunrise than one from the highest peak of the island. The idyllic setting of the first ray of sun, tearing the clouds through the mountains, will forever remain in your hearts. At 1862 meters high and literally with your head in the clouds, there is no escaping romance! Breathtaking and unforgettable view!  Dress warmly as it is cold there!

Another must-see spot for sunrises is the Ponta São Lourenço Nature Reserve.

In the afternoon, travel to Ponta do Pargo, a setting worthy of a romantic movie. The quiet and bucolic landscapes of this western tip of the island bring peace and comfort to the soul. The Lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo hides at the end of the road, by the sea. The viewpoint next to the Tea House is the perfect place to sit and watch the sunset. At about 300 meters of altitude, this spot is unique, not only for the views of the virgin mountains but also for the bright blue sea, which seems to have no end.

With full open arms over the sea, the statue of Cristo Rei is another excellent choice for a perfect afternoon. Visit the viewpoint of Cristo Rei at sunset, and whether you look east or west, you will find the views stunning. Take advantage of dating and walking, because the whole environment is relaxing and idyllic. Travel by cable car to Praia do Garajau and refresh yourself in this beautiful nature reserve.

Other unusual places to watch the sunset are the picturesque village of Ponta do Sol or the surfers’ paradise in Jardim do Mar. And why not watch the sun dive into the sea while sailing on a yacht towards the horizon?

An invitation to dinner

Choose one of the typical Madeiran Quintas, overlooking the sea or the beautiful Bay of Funchal, for a candlelit dinner and savour a unique moment. The aromas, the wines, the flavours, the decoration, the exemplary service, the enveloping atmosphere and, of course, the best company in the world, will make your evening magic.

Discovering the Laurissilva Forest for two

Is it going on an adventure your idea of ​​romance? Explore the Laurissilva Forest!

Join your partner for a romantic picnic in Fanal, followed by a visit to the amazing Risco waterfall, and why not taking a swim in the 25 fountains natural pond after an inspiring walk in this virgin forest.

Walk hand in hand in the flower gardens

In Madeira, there are many flower gardens which are lovely and romantic.

Take a photograph in the Valentine’s Window of the Monte Palace Tropical Garden and keep this moment in your memory. This garden belongs to Joe Berardo Foundation and is one of the most romantic areas of Funchal. In this place, the fancy has a strong presence created by the green tones of the plants, from all over the world, the Asian atmosphere, fountains, sculptures and historic tiles. One of the most exciting places in this garden is the central lagoon, which has an impressive waterfall. In the nineteenth century, this site belonged to the Monte Palace Hotel and the charm of the era remained until the present time. As you appreciate every moment in this romantic garden, you will find inspiration in its beauty.

Palheiro Gardens is another charming place with a chapel, a friendly tea house, majestic trees, centenaries and superb views over Funchal.

Ah! Did you know that there’s a lover’s grotto in the Botanical Garden?

A trip to Porto Santo Island

The “icing on the cake” is the Island of Porto Santo. The sea with its greenish tones, the breeze you breathe along the pier, the soft golden sands and the view of the landscape make it a beautiful environment for romantic times.

Falling in love here is thus inevitable.

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