When planning your trip to Madeira and Porto Santo, it is important to know the rules in force in this Region, within the scope of the prevention and containment of COVID-19.


You must register and complete the epidemiological survey at


All passengers on flights from abroad must have a negative PCR test for COVID-19 disease, performed within 72 hours prior to departure, in certified laboratories.

See list of laboratories with which the regional government has an active protocol:

All passengers who do not carry a PCR test, carry out their test, free of charge, on arrival at Madeira and Porto Santo airports.


The following passengers from abroad:
– Residents in RAM;
– Emigrants and their families;
– Students attending educational establishments outside RAM or in mobility programs;
They will have to perform a second test, between the fifth and the seventh day, after the first PCR test. 


Passengers with a vaccination certificate (document proving complete vaccination) and / or proof of recovered COVID-19 up to 90 days, are eligible for direct entry into the Autonomous Region of Madeira, without the need for testing. The mentioned documents must be submitted on the platform at the time of registration.

All passengers during their stay must respect the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority.

If you have symptoms or questions, call the SRS 24 Madeira 800 24 24 20 line

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