Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, recognizes that Madeira was “surprised” by the “impossibility of the flight that came from Moscow to reach Madeira”, given the simultaneous closure of several air spaces to Russian airlines, including Portugal.

The official guarantees full support from the Madeiran Executive to Russian citizens, as had already happened with Ukrainian citizens who were in Madeira in recent days. “We are monitoring the situation together with the operator and the local DMC. Madeira will naturally do everything in its power to welcome these people and to create the best conditions for their return. That is our mission as a tourist destination and this is how we treat anyone regardless of their country of origin”, he explained, adding that the Regional Government decided to ensure, at least until tomorrow, the stay of Russian tourists who are stranded in Madeira. .

He added that a solution to this impasse is being prepared for tomorrow, a strategy that did not involve the Russian Embassy in Portugal despite the Government having done everything to contact it. “We tried to involve the Russian Embassy, ​​but without success. It is not responding to our requests, but we will not leave Russian citizens unprotected.”

The solution, that says, can “eventually pass through another country where the airspace still allows the connection to Russia afterwards”.