Characterised by its small thatched triangular houses, Santana is a beautiful village on the north coast. These small houses, built of natural stone and thatched with straw, have served the locals for centuries as stables and dwellings.


This region, which comprises six parishes (Arco de São Jorge, Ilha, Faial, Santana, São Jorge and São Roque do Faial), lives essentially from agriculture, craft work and tradition. The mountainous landscapes are dominated by the lush green that characterises the Laurissilva Forest, which was classified as ‘World Heritage’ by the UNESCO, encouraging locals even more to do everything for maintaining its beauty.


With so many attractions to see, it is normal that most tourists have a circle on their maps around Santana as an obligatory place to visit. And yet, with Madeira’s Theme Park another attraction was added to this region’s already wide offer! Opened in October 2004, the Madeira Theme Park, which can be visited all year round, is divided in several nucleares and includes many attractions for young and old – tourists as well as locals – related to history, traditions and culture of the people of Madeira.


Every year, in July, a large festival of traditional music and dances is held in the village and attracts large crowds of locals and tourists alike. The event known as ’24 horas a bailar’ (literally ‘24 hours dancing’) is made of performances of traditional folklore groups from Madeira and other regions or countries which are invited to participate.


Only a short distance from Santana, you will find Queimadas, the starting point for one of Madeira’s most spectacular ‘levada’ walks towards ‘Caldeirão Verde’ (the Green Cauldron).

Source: Madeira Web