Filming starts this weekend and there’s even a notice announcing the closure of a regional road, but the secret is well-kept by Disney. Local companies are working with the entertainment giant, but not even these are authorized to reveal any information about the project. The entire operation is protected by confidentiality agreements.

The containers with the material arrived at the port of Caniçal on Monday, and it is known that part of the tread will take place in this area of Madeira, on the eastern tip of the island, an arid area with red tones and very steep terrain. The Regional Directorate of Roads has already made it known, through a notice, that the section of regional road 214 – which connects Quinta do Lorde to the roundabout in Baía de Abra – will be closed to traffic between 11 and 14 March.

It is not the first time that the arid landscape of Caniçal and Ponta de São Lourenço has been used as the setting for a science fiction film. In the 1980s, the area was chosen for a French film. At the time, extras and workers were hired to build the set, but nothing with the dimension of Disney productions. Now they close roads.

The justification is that they are footages for the shooting of a series of great interest to the region. It is not said, but in Madeira, it is already known that the island will be the setting for the shooting of a film from the “Star Wars” saga. You know this and little else, since Disney has the film protected by several confidentiality agreements, which cover all the companies contracted to provide services and supply the teams that, for 15 days, will have to film in Caniçal and other locations on the north coast of the island. .

Not even the Regional Government is authorized to lift the veil on this film. That is why, for now, it is not known whether Madeira will receive any of the best-known actors from the “Star Wars” saga. Or even if, due to the huge interest, any information will be released, both about the film, the cast and or even the plot.

For the moment, everything is guarded and closed by confidentiality agreements, but it is known, for example, that there are Portuguese teams supporting the logistics, that services and people were hired in Madeira and that the filming has the support of the Government of Madeira, through the Madeira Film Commission.