12 Stunning Beaches In Madeira. Number 4 is the Most Wonderful.

The best beaches in Madeira await you. An ever-present sun warming the sand and an ocean which is always between 18 and 24 degrees.  What more do you want? Welcome to Madeira. The sublime beach of Seixal surrounded by lush nature, the family beaches of Calheta and Ribeira Brava, the wellness and relaxation beach of Porto Santo or even the secret beach of […]

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Calhau da Lapa: The Little Amazing and Hidden Paradise

Situated in Campanário at the bottom of a steep slope, Calhau da Lapa beach has some of the purest waters in Madeira. Since the path is not fully paved; it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes on your way down the slope. The walking trail is paved only until halfway, and the remaining track is […]

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TOP Great Experiences on the Beautiful North Coast of Madeira!

Imagine huge green mountains, just a few meters away from the coast, with the sound of waves rolling on pebble beaches… On the North Coast of Madeira, you can discover lava caves, dive in natural pools and chase waterfalls worthy of the best canyoning. Drive in scenic roads and stroll through the Laurissilva Forest haze. […]

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Poço dos Chefes, the most wonderful Hidden Gem you can’t miss

A true hidden gem in Madeira is Poço dos Chefes. Situated in Curral das Freiras, this pool is becoming very popular with locals from the island to cool off in the summer heat. Poço dos Chefes is a natural reservoir where swimming and diving into its refreshing waters are allowed. It was created by locals who built a […]

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Porto Santo, the safe destination with a beach as far as the eye can see

The paradise island, in the archipelago of Madeira, has a campaign on social networks where it is projected as a “safe destination”. And it is. In addition to the zero Covid-19 cases, it offers 9.5 kilometers of golden and therapeutic sandy beaches and the activities of an open-air resort “A handful of land in the […]

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