5 Outstanding Viewpoints you can’t Miss in Funchal

Funchal, thanks to its orography in the form of an amphitheatre is a city with many viewpoints. Some of them were created specifically for this purpose, others arise spontaneously, between alleys and corners of houses. In this article, we present 5 viewpoints not to be missed in Funchal: 1. Miradouro da Nazaré It is at […]

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Funchal Downtown and Historical Area

Funchal, the capital of Madeira, was initially built on a bay and gradually expanded to the hill slopes. See this article for more tips.

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17 Hidden Gems you Must Visit in the Beautiful city of Funchal

In Funchal there are no ugly views. It is a city for all ages, for all tastes. It has the rare human touch of a city where people still greet each other on the street.  It’s a city to be enjoyed at a slow pace. At every nook, cranny and corner there is a pleasure […]

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