Renting a Car in Madeira? – Everything you need to know.

Travel information Most popular rental types and cars The most popular rental cars in Madeira are the VW Polo, the Ford Fiesta, and the Fiat 500. The most popular rental car types are economy, mini, and compact. Car Rental Average Prices in Madeira Station wagons – from € 39 per day Large cars – from […]

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Should I Rent a Car or Motorcycle in Madeira Island or Not?

Madeira has several places that you must visit, and only with car or a motorcycle you can visit them all with all the comfort you deserve. Those who do not know well this island, have the idea that it is small and even flat, but when you arrive you realize that it’s big considering the […]

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Travel Tips to Visit the Outstanding island of Madeira

Best time to visit Madeira Islands? It is almost always sunny in Porto Santo and Funchal and the Southern coast of the island of Madeira. Humidity is much more common on the hills in the centre of the island and on the North coast. As far as temperatures are concerned, the South is warmer, but overall Madeira enjoys a mild […]

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