In Funchal, on January 26, 2024, the highest maximum air temperature since 1960 was recorded. Throughout this week, Madeira has been experiencing a meteorological situation typically known as ‘easterly’ (east wind with an invasion of hot, dry air leading to high temperatures, very low relative humidity, and some fog).
The ‘east’ usually occurs from February to April and from August to October and can last up to seven days, but as a rule, it does not last more than three days, and this episode has been felt since the beginning of the week.
The highest maximum air temperature (28.4 °C) was recorded in São Vicente, the lowest relative air humidity (2%) was recorded in Quinta Grande, Funchal/Lido, and Pico do Areeiro, and the highest minimum air temperature (20.8 °C) was recorded in Funchal/Lido. At the Funchal/Observatory meteorological station, the maximum temperature was 26.2 °C and the minimum temperature 19.8 °C. All these values were recorded on Friday, January 26th.
Analyzing the data series from Funchal/Observatory (as it is a much longer series than the others), regarding the maximum and minimum temperature in January, from 1960 until yesterday, January 26, 2024, it was found that 26.2 °C was the highest maximum temperature ever recorded in January.
These meteorological situations that lead to days with higher than normal maximum temperatures in January are not a new situation in Madeira.